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   The semiconductor industry's most widely used library modeling standard.
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About Liberty

The Liberty library modeling standard is supported by more than 100 semiconductor vendors with more than 1000 submicron libraries, and by more than 60 EDA vendors who supply over 75 production tools. Liberty is open to the entire semiconductor community under standard open-source terms.



Long History of Innovation
Liberty has a 15+ year history of innovation to address the latest silicon technology modeling requirements. Today, the Liberty standard enables accurate and comprehensive modeling of nanometer effects, including timing, noise, power, and test. In 2000, the Liberty standard became among the first EDA standards to be provided as Open Source to foster innovation and interoperability for a wide variety of EDA applications.

Latest Liberty Innovations

Composite Current Source (CCS) Modeling Technology
CCS is the industry’s most widely used current source model for comprehensive, accurate and efficient modeling of nanometer effects. CCS models enable designers to perform complete timing, noise, and power sign-off using a single, open library model.

Variation-Aware Extensions
These new extensions, built on the proven CCS technology, facilitate variation-aware design, allowing engineers to control design margins, improve design robustness, and increase parametric yield.

Future of Liberty: Technical Advisory Board (TAB)
In May 2008, Synopsys announced the Liberty Technical Advisory Board (TAB) expanded under the auspices of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) to facilitate the evolution of the Liberty library modeling standard. Current Liberty TAB members.

Liberty Parser
The Liberty parser includes the full source code implementation of a lex/yacc parser and a sample application built on top of it. The parser supports the full logical (.lib) set of constructs including CCS, and noise, plus syntax,and common semantic checks. The parser has been validated against the full set of Library Compiler regression tests. The Liberty parser is free of charge and available on the Open Source Liberty web site under Liberty Downloads.

Liberty License Information
Liberty documentation, the Liberty parser and use of Liberty is offered under standard open source licensing terms. A Liberty license grants the user the right to develop EDA tools to read-in and write-out data coded in the Liberty format, distribute and receive Liberty coded data, and the ability to add extensions and modifications to Liberty and the Liberty parser under the standard open source terms.

How To Become a Liberty Licensee
The open source license for Synopsys Liberty is free and openly available to all interested parties. To download the liberty format Register NOW! to receive your password and login codes. Or Log in if you are already registered.